Dr. Sachs offers clinical consultation, CBT supervision, and educational Pain Management workshops for other mental health providers in the SF Bay Area. 


Areas of Unique Expertise: PTSD, Pain Management, Health Psychology, international work/service, cross-cultural treatment. Contact me for rates and availability. 


I provide CBT and ACT supervision to licensed clinicians. Contact me for rates and availability.


"Integrating Pain Management into a CBT Practice: YES YOU CAN!"

For those of us treating patients with chronic illness - from MS to fibromyalgia to depression - chronic pain is often in the picture. Many therapists feel they have little to offer their clients for the physical pain. This is not so.

As a pain psychologist at the San Francisco VA Medical Center, I experienced first-hand how a little education and specific CBT techniques can improve a patient's pain experience and strengthen the therapeutic relationship. I am honored to share this knowledge and toolset with you.In this workshop you will:

• Gain working knowledge of common chronic pain syndromes

• Learn to perform a brief (and therapeutic) pain assessment

• Learn about how persistent pain works in the nervous system - and how to explain it to clients• Learn 3 key CBT pain management skills

• Learn how to encourage mindfulness and acceptance with chronic pain• Receive a packet of ready-to-use CBT patient handouts

Contact me to attend or schedule an upcoming workshop.